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  • Radio Station

    Radio Station
    Get kidZos Adults can join Mechanics Communication / Research

    The sounds of KidZania Radio can be heard out on tc

  • Residential Construction Site

    Residential Construction Site
    Get kidZos Mechanics Athletics

    As a carpenter, you will create a two-story house c

  • Salad Shop

    Salad Shop
    Get kidZos Use English Food / Drink

    As a Salad Chef, you will learn the importance of c

  • Sausage Factory

    Sausage Factory
    Get kidZos Use English Food / Drink Mechanics

    As a Sausage Maker, you can strengthen your interec

  • Science Lab

    Science Lab
    Get kidZos Mechanics Communication / Research

    Bacteriologists do research and conduct experimentc

  • Securities Company

    Securities Company
    Get kidZos Communication / Research

    Consultants at the Securities Company are always rc

  • Security Center

    Security Center
    Get kidZos Use English Public service

    Protecting clientfs assets is the most important tc

  • Shoe Factory

    Shoe Factory
    Get kidZos Manufacturing Mechanics Fashion / Design

    Working as a Shoe Designer, you can learn the manuc

  • Soap Factory

    Soap Factory
    Get kidZos Use English Manufacturing Mechanics

    As a Soap Factory Worker, you can learn how to makc