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Guided Tour

Guided Tour

1st Shift = Guided Tour + 3 Pre-reserved Activities
2nd Shift = 2 Hours of Free Time

When you first visit KidZania, you may wonder "What should we do first?" or "Can adults accompany kids in the park?" Or when you visit KidZania after a long absence, you may not remember how KidZania works.

Now, we can offer you the "Guided Tour" to make you more comfortable and enhance your experience at KidZania.

Days Everyday
Schedule 11:30-11:55 Reception
12:00-15:00 Start of the Program (Tour by our staff and 3 pre-reserved activities)
16:00-18:00 Free Time (Activities of your choice)
*Time extension is available for 30 min. increments.
Number of People One group of 6 kids
(In case more than 6 apply, we select on a first-come, first-served basis)
When applying, at least one adult must be included in the group
Groups of only adults or only adults with toddlers of two-years-old or younger cannot be accepted
  • 1 coupon valued at 500 yen for each kid (can be used only in KidZania)
  • A drink ticket for an adult or senior
  • One-hour guided tour by our staff
  • 3 Pre-reserved Activities
    *Activities are chosen by KidZania
  • Priority entrance for the 2nd Shift (After ONE TWO PLUS customers)

Guided Tour Details

Reception: 11:30-11:55

Please come to the KidZania Ticket Counter and pay the entrance fees. Our Staff will then guide you into the park.

Guided Tour of KidZania: 12:00-13:00

Adults and kids join the tour together.
After our staff explains how KidZania works, the guided tour starts.

Activities: 13:00-15:00

Pre-reserved Activities: 13:00-15:00
*Three activities without waiting

More Information about KidZania: 15:00-around 15:35

Information about special activities, services and more
Question Time (any questions regarding KidZania are welcome)

Free Time (2nd Shift): 16:00-18:00

Our staff will assist you when entering. You can enter immediately after ONE TWO PLUS customers.
After entering, you can freely enjoy KidZania. Please enjoy activities of your choice, meals, buying souvenirs and more.

Program Fee

  Weekdays Weekends H.S. (Holiday Season)
Preschool ( 3 and over) ¥5,360 ¥5,810 ¥6,290
Primary School ¥5,680 ¥6,180 ¥6,730
Jr. High School ¥5,770 ¥6,270 ¥6,820
Adults (16 and over) ¥2,000
Senior (60 and over) ¥1,000
Preschool w ⁄ disabilities ¥2,680 ¥2,900 ¥3,140
Primary School w ⁄ disabilities ¥2,840 ¥3,090 ¥3,360
Jr. High School w / disabilities ¥2,880 ¥3,130 ¥3,410
Caregiver ¥1,000
Senior Caregiver ¥500
  • ※ 8% sales tax not included.
  • ※ Holiday Season includes school vacation periods as determined by KidZania Koshien.
  • ※ Children 2 years old and younger are admitted for free, however Infants and Toddlers cannot participate in activities apart from the guided tour section.
  • ※ Any discount tickets or invitation tickets cannot be used for this program.

Kids with Disabilities

  • "Kids with Disabilities" refers to Kids (3-15y/o) who possess the Disabled Persons' Certificate issued by a local authority.
  • One Adult or Senior can enter at a special fee as a caregiver.
  • Without the Disabled Persons' Certificate, the standard entrance fee will be applied.
  • Please ask our staff for help if it is necessary.
  • Please note there is no special entrance fee for Adults or Seniors with disabilities.

How to Apply

Please e-mail at before 18:00 at least 7 days before your visit.