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Valentine 2017

Date: Wednesday, February 1, 2017 〜 Tuesday, February 14, 2017
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Enjoy special activities at 13 Pavilions!

Valentine 2017

Come enjoy the limited edition Valentine activities!

  • City Tour Bus

    Conduct a special Valentine tour!

  • Securities Company

    Conduct a Valentine investigation!

  • Newspaper Edition

    Collect Valentine news!

  • Softcream Shop

    Mieux Crème Chocolat is available!

  • TV Station

    Broadcast information about the Valentine events!

  • Department Store

    Create a Valentine window display!

  • Train Station

    Make a Valentine announcement!

  • Airplane (Cabin attendant)

    Serve Valentine sweets during the in-flight meal.

  • Hotel (Banguet)

    Learn a special way of folding napkin!

  • Magic Studio

    Perform Valentine magic!

  • Milk House

    Decorate with Valentine toppings!

  • Radio Station

    Inform about Valentine events!

  • Barber Shop (Customer)

    A special Valentine photo frame is available!


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