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<Revised>Special EAP (English Activities Program) Course!

Every Wednesday from Wednesday, November 2, 2016 to Wednesday, December 21, 2016
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Enjoy the Baumkuchen Shop and Sweets Factory in EAP without waiting time!

<Revised>Special EAP (English Activities Program)  Course!

Celebrate 5 years of EAP* with us! We created special courses to show our thanks for your continued support! Don't miss the chance to try out the "Special EAP eKspress Course" with the Baumkuchen Shop and the "Special EAP Course" with the Sweets Factory!

*EAP and EAP eKspress are two special English language programs led by fluent English speaking KidZania staff called Navigators. Kids can do English activities back-to-back with no waiting in line.

Special EAP eKspress Course

Dates 1st Shift
11/2 (Wed), 11/9 (Wed), 11/16 (Wed), 11/23 (Wed, National Holiday), 11/30 (Wed), 12/7 (Wed), 12/14 (Wed), 12/21 (Wed) Courier Service, Softcream Shop, Baumkuchen ShopSPECIAL!!

Special EAP Course

Dates 2nd Shift
11/2 (Wed), 11/23 (Wed, National Holiday), 11/30 (Wed), 12/21 (Wed) Bottling Plant, Pizza Shop, Airplane (Pilot), Medical Lab,
Sweets Factory SPECIAL!!

Program Fee

・Program Fee includes admission to the park for one Kid and one Adult.
・Program Fee includes a certificate of completion, a professional commemorative photo and a free EAP bag.

EAP eKspress EAP
Target Age 3 years old ~ 3rd Grade Jr. High 1st Grade Primary School ~ 3rd Grade Jr. High
per Kid ¥6,700 (tax not inc.)

※8% sales tax not included

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