Summer Festival 2015

July 18(Sat)`August 31iMonj
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Enjoy many limited edition activities!

Summer Festival 2015

You can enjoy the limited edition Summer Festival activities at 19 pavilions.The operation period will vary for each pavilion.

Seasonal Activities

  • Eco Bag Shop

    Make an Eco Bag with special summer art!
    August 1(Sat)~August 31(Mon)

  • Glass Atelier

    Special summer glassware is coming!
    July 18(Sat)~July 31(Fri)

  • Food R&D Center

    An Airplane shape and Teriyaki sauce are coming!
    July 18(Sat)~August 31(Mon)

  • Soft Cream Shop

    Enjoy Ramune (Japanese Soda) flavor!
    July 18(Sat)~ August 31(Mon)

  • Flower Shop

    Make a flower arrangement in a special parfait glass!
    July 18(Sat)~July 31(Fri)

  • Beauty Salon(Customer)

    Limited edition Nail Stickers for summer are available!
    July 18(Sat)~August 31(Mon)

  • Painting Wall

    A special summer color is coming!
    July 18(Thu)~August 31(Mon)

  • Hotel (Banquet)

    You can learn a special way of folding the napkin.
    July 18(Sat)~August 31(Mon)

Limited edition Summer Festival activities are also available at the following pavilions:
City Tour Bus / Security Company / Newspaper Edition / Courier Service (7/18-8/16) / TV Station / Hospital (EMT) / Train Station / Photo Studio / Radio Station / Barber Shop (Customer)/ Airplane (Cabin Attendant)

Allergy Information

  • Teriyaki sauce in the Food R&D Center contains wheat, soy bean, apple, chicken and pork.
  • Lemon soda soft cream in the Soft Cream Shop contains milk, wheat, soy bean, and orange.
    For more information please click here.

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