New E@K Activity Schedule!

DateFMarch 1st, 2016@(Tue) `
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The E@K Activity daily schedule will change!

New E@K Activity Schedule!

E@K Activities Schedule from March 1st 2016 ~

Mondays Radio Station, Soft Cream Shop, Waterworks, Printing Company, Flower Shop
Tuesdays Food R&D Center, Parade, Bank, Beauty Salon (Nail), Sushi Restaurant
Wednesdays Glasses Shop, Car Life Support Center, Bottling Plant, Security Center, Fashion Boutique
English Wednesday! 46 Pavilions@54 Activities in English
Thursdays Bakery, Rice Milling Plant, Courier Service, Barber Shop, Train Station
Fridays Boiler Facility, Gas Station, Pizza Shop, Police Department, Drug & Pharmacy (Customer)
Saturdays Eco Bag Shop, Fire Department, Magic Studio, Department Store (Gift Advisor), Embassy
Sundays Airplane, Building Maintenance, Medical Lab, Publishing Company, Hospital (Nursery)
  • For details about an activity, please go to our Activity Information page.
  • Please be aware that the schedule may change due to various circumstances.

*Due to some special events, English Wednesday! may not be available. We appreciate your understanding.

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