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Let's talk in English!! Global Safari

Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2018 & Wednesday, December 12, 2018 16:00`21:00
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Join KidZania's Navigators on a Global Safari and experience KidZania all in English!

Let's talk in English!! Global Safari

Syllabus Program: Let's talk in English!!

Let's talk in English!! is designed for kids that want to work and play in English! You can use English at the Airport Counter, to make reservations at pavilions, to order food at restaurants, and even just to ask directions! Join the Navigators on a Global Safari to get a special, limited-edition button pin and also earn a salary of 10 kidZos at every job-type E@K Activity!

Earn a salary of 10 kidZos at every job-type E@K Activity!

The salary for English job activities will be increased to 10 kidZos! Work hard in English and enjoy spending your extra kidZos!

Standard Let's talk in English!!
5 kidZos 10 kidZos
8 kidZos 10 kidZos
  • The salary will not be increased for Part-Time Jobs or non-job activities.
  • This promotion is only available during Let's talk in English!!

Check out some useful English phrases to get you started

  • Check in at the Airport Counter

  • Look at the 'City Map' and go to the pavilion that you want to do!

  • Make a reservation in English!

  • Try E@K Activities!

  • Order food in English!


Fee (Base Price)

Preschool (3 and over) 3,350~
Primary School 3,650~
Jr. High School 3,750~
Adults (16 and over) 1,850~
Seniors (60 and Over) 850~
Preschool with Disabilities 1,670~
Primary School with Disabilities 1,820~
Junior High School with Disabilities 1,870~
Caregiver (16 and over) 920~
Senior Caregiver(60 and Over) 420~

Tax not included.

Junior High School kids can enter without adults.

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