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E@K Activity

Activities in English from start to finish!

Every day at KidZania, our Zupervisors lead some of the most popular activities all in English. Kids get to listen and speak, in English. However, by focusing on communication skills, rather than perfect English, we give all Kids the chance to express themselves in a fun environment.

The English used in these activities is not complex, in order to build confidence for non-native speakers. But native English speakers get to do the activity in a familiar environment, and learn about communicating with people from other countries and cultures. Everyone benefits!

E@K Activity Schedule

›April 1, 2019 - September 30, 2019

Mondays Fashion Boutique, Food R&D Center, Dental Clinic, Softcream Shop, Hospital (Nursery)
Tuesdays Drug & Pharmacy (Customer), Boiler Facility, Magic Studio, Pizza Shop, Painting Wall
Wednesdays Gas Station, Hospital(Orthopedics), Security Center, TV Station (Field Reporter), Printing Company
English Wednesday!¦1 41 Pavilions 49 Activities in English
Thursdays Glasses Shop, Fire Department, City Clock, Medical Lab, Newspaper Edition
Fridays Bank, Courier Service, Radio Station, Bakery, Soap Factory
Saturdays Parade, Police Department, Airplane, Pen Shop, Car Life Support Center
Sundays Train, Sushi Restaurant, Publishing Company, Barber Shop, Embassy

¦For details about an activity, please go to our Activity Information Page.

¦Please be aware that the schedule may change due to various circumstances.

¦1 Due to certain special events, English Wednesday! may not be available. We appreciate your understanding.