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  • Airplane

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    The Airplane Pavilion is a real airplane! There arc

  • Car Life Support Center

    Car Life Support Center
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    Itfs time to get your hands dirty! As a Car Mechanc

  • Car Plant

    Car Plant
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    Want to see what it takes to build a car? In the Cc

  • Car Rental

    Car Rental
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    Driverfs license in one hand and car keys in the oc

  • City Tour Bus

    City Tour Bus
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    Take a relaxing tour around KidZania in style! Forc

  • Courier Service

    Courier Service
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    Fragile, do not bend, and handle with care. Workinc

  • Department of Motor Vehicles

    Department of Motor Vehicles
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    All revved up and ready to go? Youfll need to takec

  • Electric Company

    Electric Company

    This job is electrifying! Here at the Electric Comc

  • Farmers Center

    Farmers Center
    Get kidZos Vehicles Mechanics

    Where does our food come from? Working as a Farmerc