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Communication / Research

  • Embassy

    Get kidZos Spend kidZos Use English Receive a service Communication / Research

    Put the whole world in your hands as you discover c

  • Horse Park

    Horse Park
    Get kidZos Spend kidZos Public service Mechanics Athletics Communication / Research

    You can work as a Veterinarian to check the horsefc

  • Job Information Center

    Job Information Center
    Get kidZos Receive a service Mechanics Communication / Research Customer service

    As a Customer, discuss the best fit careers, and ac

  • Medical Lab

    Medical Lab
    Get kidZos Use English Mechanics Communication / Research

    We need sunscreen to protect our skin from UV raysc

  • Milk House

    Milk House
    Get kidZos Food / Drink Communication / Research

    Milk Food Marketers plan and develop new dairy proc

  • Newspaper Edition

    Newspaper Edition
    Get kidZos Use English Communication / Research

    gRead all about it! Read all about it!h As a Photoc

  • Radio Station

    Radio Station
    Get kidZos Use English Mechanics Communication / Research

    Ensure that the citizens are dancing in the streetc

  • Securities Company

    Securities Company
    Get kidZos Communication / Research

    Money may make the world go around, but it doesnftc

  • TV Station

    TV Station
    Get kidZos Use English Adults can join Mechanics Communication / Research

    Lights, camera, action! Your 30 minutes of fame stc