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  • Hospital

    Get kidZos Use English Public service

    KidZania Hospital to the rescue! This is a very rec

  • Job Information Center

    Job Information Center
    Get kidZos Receive a service Mechanics Communication / Research Customer service

    As a Customer, discuss the best fit careers, and ac

  • Magic Studio

    Magic Studio
    Get kidZos Use English Adults can join Entertainment

    Abracadabra! This job is simply magic. You can leac

  • Medical Lab

    Medical Lab
    Get kidZos Use English Mechanics Communication / Research

    We need sunscreen to protect our skin from UV raysc

  • Milk House

    Milk House
    Get kidZos Food / Drink Communication / Research

    Milk Food Marketers plan and develop new dairy proc

  • Newspaper Edition

    Newspaper Edition
    Get kidZos Use English Communication / Research

    gRead all about it! Read all about it!h As a Photoc

  • Painting Wall

    Painting Wall
    Get kidZos Use English Public service Athletics

    Add a splash of color to KidZania! As a Painter, yc

  • Parade

    Get kidZos Use English Entertainment

    Sing and dance the night away as you enjoy the func

  • Pizza Shop

    Pizza Shop
    Get kidZos Use English Food / Drink

    This job certainly tops the lot when it comes to mc