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  • Airplane

    Get kidZos Use English Adults can join Vehicles Customer service

    The Airplane Pavilion is a real airplane! There arc

  • Bakery

    Get kidZos Use English Food / Drink

    Can you rise to the challenge? Here at the Bakery c

  • Bank

    Get kidZos Use English Receive a service Customer service

    Now that youfre making kidZos, youfll need a placec

  • Barber Shop

    Barber Shop
    Get kidZos Spend kidZos Receive a service Customer service Fashion / Design

    Itfs a close shave, but thatfs what a well groomedc

  • Beauty Salon

    Beauty Salon
    Get kidZos Spend kidZos Use English Customer service Entertainment Fashion / Design

    Beauty is an art! Working as a Beauty Consultant, c

  • Beverage Service Center

    Beverage Service Center
    Get kidZos Food / Drink Mechanics

    Learn the mechanics of a vending machine and managc

  • Boiler Facility

    Boiler Facility
    Get kidZos Use English Public service Mechanics

    Full steam ahead! As a Boiler Engineer, you can lec

  • Car Life Support Center

    Car Life Support Center
    Get kidZos Use English Vehicles Mechanics

    Itfs time to get your hands dirty! As a Car Mechanc

  • Car Plant

    Car Plant
    Get kidZos Use English Vehicles Mechanics

    Want to see what it takes to build a car? In the Cc